Vigil Service

On Saturday 8 December, 2018, the South Sudanese Nuer Faith Community in Brisbane invited people to join them for a vigil service for the young people. Members of St. David’s Uniting Church Coopers Plain in addition to Presbytery representatives and the Moderator of Qld Synod joined the South Sudanese and African communities in this vigil service. Why the need for […]

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Reflections on MENC 2018

These are my personal reflections on MENC 2018. I start with a short historical background that shows the contrast in the membership in the last three years. Then I explore the naming of the theme because it has taken some work to arrive at that theme and different people joined the conversation at different stages of that journey. Finally I dive into my reflections which was partially published on the Assembly website but I think the full reflections include nuances and images that were missed in the edited version.

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