Prayer for Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela

Prayer for Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela

God of compassion and justice,

We acknowledge the sanctity of human rights, a precious gift you’ve bestowed upon all your children. We lift our voices in prayer, seeking greater respect for these rights, especially for the vulnerable among us.

We pray for those whose voices often go unheard, for the marginalised and oppressed, for the displaced and the downtrodden. May their cries reach our hearts and stir within us a passion for justice.

Grant wisdom and strength to those who tirelessly work for the wellbeing of others and the environment. Bless the advocates, and the caretakers of this world. May their dedication inspire us to be better stewards of your creation.

In our pursuit of justice, help us remember our role in these endeavours. May we be agents of change, advocates for the voiceless, and protectors of all creation. Give us the courage to stand up for what is right, even when it is difficult.

Lord, as we seek greater respect for human rights, we also pray for the wisdom to recognise the interconnectedness of all life. Help us to see that the wellbeing of the vulnerable, the environment, and the common good are intertwined. Guide us in our efforts to build a world where justice and compassion reign.


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