Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Note 1: Here is some information about Remembrance Day, and an explanation of Remembrance Day for Children.

Note 2: If desired precede with a prayer for creation. Or use a different version.

God of Remembrance,
We honour the fallen servicemen and women, each eternally known to you. Their sacrifice echoes in our hearts, and we offer our grief and loss to you, as those who cherish them find solace in your embrace.

God in your mercy,
bestow upon us the gift of peace.

We remember those you’ve gathered from the tempest of war into the serenity of your presence. May their peace calm our fears, usher justice to all, and foster harmony among nations. In this remembrance, may we find the courage to strive for a world where conflicts yield to the enduring reign of peace.

God in your mercy,
grant us the tranquility of peace.

We hold in our thoughts all members of the armed forces facing danger today. Enfold their families, friends, and all who pray for their safe return. Let our hearts extend to civilian lives marred by the scars of war and terror, prompting us to reflect on the shadows of anger and hatred in humanity.



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