Prayer for the Sexually Abused

Prayer for the Sexually Abused

God grace,

Your presence in our lives is a steady beacon, illuminating hope in our darkest moments and granting resilience when vulnerability shadows our days.

Today, our thoughts and prayers embrace those who suffer, especially those scarred by the anguish of sexual abuse. We lift them to Your compassionate embrace, seeking solidarity and strength in the warmth of Your Spirit.

May they discover tranquillity and fortitude within communities of safety and trust, finding strength in nurturing relationships that reflect Your love.

Guide our discernment so that we may identify opportunities to extend Your supportive touch and hopeful light within our connections, neighbourhoods, and communities. Grant us the compassion and courage to stand alongside the abused and oppressed, working tirelessly for their liberation and justice.

Empower us with unwavering dedication and steadfastness as we walk hand in hand with You, advocating for a world where every soul finds solace, solidarity, and justice.


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