Prayer for North Korea and South Korea

Prayer for North Korea and South Korea

God of Creation,
You raised the Baekdu and Hallasan mountains as one and, through the ancestors, made yourself known. You called forth human beings that we might love and care for your creation as you do.

God of peace,
We acknowledge that you are the Lord of peace, life and justice on the Korean peninsula. You desire peace and reconciliation for the people of North and South Korea who suffer from the pains of division. While the ideological conflicts have disappeared from the global scene, the Korean peninsula still struggles with ideological conflicts where peace is difficult to attain. We pray for your love, peace and justice to become a reality in the divided Korean peninsula. Lead us to build a just Korean peninsula where the poor and weak in society are protected and can live as equals in society. The relations between North and South and the global relations may be strengthened.

Despite such external circumstances, we continually struggle and strive to love and share life with our brothers and sisters in Korea and continue to build peace so that justice and peace may be realised in this land.

We thank you, Lord, for Kimchi, sushi, tea and all the wonders from the sea we have come to love. We thank you for the enormous drums that beat the rhythms of life.


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