Prayer for Israel – Palestine 2

Prayer for Israel – Palestine 2

-Historical Background of Israel – Palestine Conflict

To read the Historical Background of the conflict in Israel – Palestine, check the first of the series of prayers.


Isaiah 43:16-21 gives us the good news of God’s new promise. Those who rely on their strength will not be able to do anything. God promises to do new things, amazing things. Rivers in the wilderness. Life where life could not be perceived; new life where armies and warriors, horses and chariots have left destruction and death.

In the middle of all the struggle and fighting between the people of Israel and Palestine, God asks us to let go of the old because God will do new things. In the strife filled world where ideologies and extremism leads us to war and killing each other, God asks us to let go and promises to do new things, unimaginable things: life in the midst of death.

Second Prayer for Israel – Palestine

God who seeks peace,
God who works for peace,
God who brings peace,
We pray for Palestine and Israel.
On both sides…
May bridges of peace and community replace tunnels and walls built out of conflict.
May respect and compassion, replace enmity and division.
May forgiveness and reconciliation replace revenge and retaliation.
May trust and commonality replace mistrust and self-focus.
On both sides…
May the past be let go, so that a new way of being might come to be the future.
May the sharing of a common humanity break new space beyond the bounds of nation, religion, race or culture.
May all seek justice and the common good, rather the focus on self-interest and selfishness.
May healing come to the hurt.
May restoration come to the broken.
May peace come to the place and its peoples.
Shalom aleichem.
Assalamu alaikum.
Peace be with all.

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This prayer was written by Rev. Jon Humphries and originally published on the Christ and Cultures Gathering website.


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