Prayer for bushfires 2

Prayer for bushfires 2

Bushfire Information: check current bushfire warnings and incidents
If the fires are in your area, make sure you have an evacuation plan. Follow instructions.
You can find more information on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website

Prayer for Bushfires

God of fire,
out of the depths we call to you;
in the face of incomprehensible anguish and sorrow,
we lift the cries of our distress and implore you to show mercy upon those who are suffering from the destruction of the recent fires.
Give protection and wisdom to fire fighters and other emergency service personnel.
Encourage our generosity to those who suffer loss.
In your mercy, restore your creation and heal our land.

We pray for those who have been injured in body, mind or spirit and ask you to heal them;
we pray for those who are homeless and wandering,
for families torn asunder, and ask you to shelter them.
Strengthen the hands and hearts of those who assist in relief efforts.
Grant us all firm resolve to stand with our neighbours who are in need, to love them and to offer our generous support of them in this their time of trouble.

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Prayer for bushfires


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