Prayer for Being a Better Bystander

Prayer for Being a Better Bystander

God of compassion,

In the shadowed corners of our homes, where pain and fear often dwell,
We turn our hearts to You, seeking guidance and strength.
Grant us the courage to stand as beacons of light,
To confront the darkness of domestic violence with love and resolve.

Help us be better bystanders, not turning a blind eye to suffering,
But extending a helping hand, a listening ear, and a caring heart.
Give us the wisdom to recognize signs of distress and danger,
And the empathy to offer support without judgment.

May we be advocates for those who suffer in silence,
A comforting presence for those who’ve been wounded,
And a voice for the voiceless, calling for justice and healing.

We pray for the survivors that they find solace and strength;
for the abusers so that they may seek transformation and rehabilitation.

Guide us in our role as instruments of your peace,
for in the face of domestic violence, we are called to be agents of change,
To nurture safe havens where love and respect reign supreme.

In Your name, we humbly ask for the courage to make a difference,


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